Proética initiates interoperability between the Timber Legality Observatory and the Single File Management System of the Public Prosecutor’s Offices of the Peruvian State (SAEP)

On Wednesday, July 21st of this year, the Environmental Governance Program of Proética, the Peruvian chapter of Transparency International, publicly presented the web platform “Timber Legality Observatory”, with the purpose of providing information on Forest Management Plans (FMP) approved with false information or non-existent trees by forestry authorities at the national level. This portal reveals the different actors that participated in the approval process of these plans, as well as their respective networks of influence.

On July 25th, after coordination between the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Ministry of the Environment, the State Attorney General’s Office and Proética, Peruvian Chapter of Transparency International, formal work began on the interoperability between the Peruvian State Public Prosecutor’s Offices’ Single System for File Management (SAEP) and the Timber Legality Observatory, to the benefit of the State’ s legal defense in environmental matters.

Likewise, Proética and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Ministry of the Environment have been promoting actions to strengthen the fight against environmental crimes and corruption since 2020.


Lima, August 9th 2021

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